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ExposureU Basketball

ExposureU Basketball Camps

Saturday Sessions Are Now Open!

ExposureU Basketball camps seek to provide fun, informative, and beneficial camp programs. We plan and run camps in an efficient manner and push for a high level of intensity along with an atmosphere that promotes encouragement and learning. Our highly skilled trainers allows us to provide the ultimate experience in teaching and demonstration. ExposureU Basketball camps are planned throughout the year during school breaks and other opportune times. Various camps are offered for age groups from K-12

Examples of areas covered throughout different ExposureU Basketball Camps: shooting progression and repetition, defense, agility, and footwork, post work and guard work, leadership, teamwork, life skills and communication, full court concepts and game-like scenarios, and specialized beginner/rookie skills camps for our youngest players

Grow. learn.Play. Empowering are youth to live a full and healthy life

ExposureU Basketball Camp